An Idaho hero received the state's highest honor this afternoon in Boise.

Captain Dave Krumenacker of the Blackfoot Fire Department was presented with the Idaho Medal of Honor during today's Idaho Fallen Firefighter Memorial ceremony.

He says everything firefighters do is a team effort.

“I had some of my firefighters that came across from Blackfoot to be here. That means a lot. I see other firefighters I've worked with who showed up. That's the thing about the fire services: the camaraderie. We're in it together,” said Krumenacker. “Your life depends on the guy next to you, the guy behind you - not all the time; it doesn't happen every day, but there's times - it has to be there. You have to be able to trust them and know, when I turn around, or look to my right or left, somebody's going to be there.”

On June 14, 2016, Krumenacker led a team of firefighters into a burning house to rescue an elderly man who was trapped inside.

Firefighters got the man out of the house, but he died of his injuries.

Still, Krumenacker risked his own life for the sake of another.