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Man will run 48 hours non-stop to raise money for buddy benches

Ben Blessing is fundraising to help two schools in Nampa each get a buddy bench.

BOISE- A local man is trying to raise $1,500 by running for 48 hours straight.

Ben Blessing plans to use the proceeds to help two schools in Nampa each get a buddy bench.

"The buddy bench is this really cool idea," he said. "It's for elementary school kids at recess (who), basically, they don't have any friends to play with."

The bench is intended for children who might be in that situation. If they are lonely, they go sit on the bench, and other kids can see that someone needs a friend.

"Some friends of mine approached me from church and said, 'we really want to raise some money to make these benches possible. Does anyone have any ideas?' And I said, 'Well I have an idea,'" Blessing said.

He knew the Pulse Endurance Race was coming up.

"I bet if people heard about that and know that that's what I'm willing to do to raise some money for this really good cause that people would be inspired by that," Blessing said.

So he decided to run it. The race course is a two-and-a-half-mile loop on Eagle Island. Runners do that over and over for 48 hours. The person who runs the most miles in that time period wins.

It's not an easy task, but Blessing said it's worth it.

"That these kids see that people care about them," he said. "That they can grow up and be successful feel good about themselves and feel, 'Hey people are looking out for me.'"

If you want to help you can do that here.