This year the Treasure Valley has seen the most snow since 1985; and with more on the way, there are some in our community who need our helping digging out from their homes. A local company has developed a website that may provide some answers by connecting you with some good Samaritans.

Webmarkets Internet Marketing has developed Shovel Up Boise, a website aimed at connecting Treasure Valley residents who may need help clearing snow at their home to those willing to give a helping hand.

Joe Egbert with Webmarkets says he came up with the idea while he was shoveling his own home.

"There's got to be tons of people who actually have problems, need help and just don't know who to turn to," Egbert said.

People like Sirlene Cornett, whose husband broke both his femur and his shoulder. He can't shovel snow and has to go to physical therapy appointments every day.

"Every time he was going outside, we were afraid he would fall and sometimes he was unable to go to the doctor or physical therapy appointment because of the snow," Cornett said.

One of their neighbors, Cornett says she doesn't know who, saw their need and signed them up.

"I just know that somebody showed up at my door and knock at my door and we going to clean your driveway and your street," Cornett said.

Cornett tells KTVB that for more than an hour this past weekend, volunteers worked to clear their driveway.

"I believe that we have angels on earth that they are here to help us and I'm so grateful for that," Cornett said.

Shovel Up Boise is completely charity based, and while they're focus in on helping others, they're also in need of a little help.

"We need volunteers. People who are willing to help out, like I said you don't have to do anything at all to help. You just gotta decide 'hey I'm going to help somebody,'" Egbert said.

If you know someone in your neighborhood or you may need help clearing your driveway or are willing to give a helping hand, more information on Shovel Up Boise can be found here.