Huston Vineyards hosted a release party Saturday for their new 2016 vintage of Chicken Dinner Red.

It's been planned for months, but now in the wake of hurricane Harvey, the meaning of the party has changed for the winery in Canyon County's Sunny Slope area.

"Seeing all of the images of the folks that are suffering and the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and it was tugging at our heart strings. We were thinking you know what can we do that would maybe in some small way affect the folks there it's hard to see your fellow Americans struggling when you know we're out here having a good time," said Katie Hammon, event coordinator for Huston Vineyards.

They decided to turn the release party into a fundraiser. Tasting fees, wine by-the-glass sales and entry fees for a corn hole tournament are all being donated.

"We chose an organization called Convoy of Hope and one of the reasons we chose them is because they have very low administrative costs over 96 percent of what they raise goes directly to the people they're trying to help," Hammon said.

Those with Huston Vineyards feel it's important to help others so seeing all of these people come out to support the victims of the hurricane is everything they wanted.

"I was manning the cornhole table for a little bit and I noticed there were a number of people that just came held out money to me and said 'Hey, I don't even need to play. I just came here because I saw your information and I wanted to give,’” Hammon said. “It's been wonderful, and we feel great we were able to help out with the efforts."