Thousands packed into movie theaters across the Treasure Valley Thursday night to sit in awe of the newest “Star Wars” film.

If you're planning on hitting the theater this weekend, “may the force be with you.”

If you felt a disturbance in the force it was probably because “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is now showing in theaters across the country.

There are thousands in auditoriums that are among the first in the country to see “The Last Jedi.”

The movie's official release date isn't until Friday, but many fans bought their tickets well in advance and attended the exclusive showing of the eighth episode last night.

We asked fans what they were expecting and they told KTVB they were avoiding spoilers, but looking forward to having questions answered from “The Force Awakens.”

As one of the most popular and acclaimed brands of the last four decades, “Star Wars” premieres are always a huge deal, and last night was no exception.

“All my friends like “Star Wars.” That's a need. If you like “Star Wars” then we can get along,” said Drake Watts.

“Everybody loves “Star Wars” right, whether you're on the dark side, right. Doesn't matter what side you're on, it's a great event, it goes back to the 70s, so mom and dad they've got a connection to it and the kids love it as well,” said Mike Brown.

“I think it’s kind of universal. It’s characters that you love and ones like Vader here that are scary and intimidating, but everyone still absolutely loves the character, and it's just that classic good vs. evil struggle,” said Kelly Dally.

The Mike Brown Real Estate Group rented out three auditoriums and bought 1,200 tickets back in the summer for their clients.

Showings started at 7 p.m. Thursday, with the latest one at Edwards 21 in Boise is at 3:50 in the morning!

The first night was totally sold out, as are a lot of evening showings throughout the weekend.

If you really want to see “Star Wars” within the next few days, you should get your tickets ASAP.