The lack of snow over the last couple of months has taken its toll on those businesses and organizations who rely on it. It’s caused those in the ski industry to start praying for snow.

“Do that snow dance a little bit longer every night,” Chuck Cremer with McU Sports said.

“Burn some skis. Do your snow dances. Whatever you got to do,” Mark Wedeking with the Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation, said.

Ski clubs for the Boise School District have even had to cancel their upcoming race on Jan. 13 due to the lack of snow.

Businesses, like McU Sports and Greenwoods Ski Haus, are also feeling the effects.

“This little bit of rain has definitely, definitely, hurt us,” Eric Straubhar with Greenwoods Ski Haus said.

“We definitely have a little bit less traffic flow,” Cremer said.

The low snowfall is even causing organizations like the Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation to search for skiable snow.

“Started off the season in Sun Valley early and then we've been up at Tamarack. We've been over to Jackson Hole to Snow King Resort,” Wedeking said.

The foundation even getting creative in how they train their athletes.

“After the tubing hill was closed to the public, we've been able to set up training space on the hill and set gates on the tubing hill,” Wedeking said.

Thankfully, the education foundation has not had to cancel one of their home events at Bogus. However, Wedeking says the division they compete in, the Intermountain Division, has both postponed and relocated events due to the lack of snow.

“The West has had great difficulties,” Wedeking said.

The National Weather Service in Boise tells KTVB the below average snowpack spans all the way to the west coast of Oregon and California.

Many areas in Idaho seeing about half of their normal snowpack.

“Basin wide averages range pretty much from 40% to about 65% across the region,” Troy Lindquist with the National Weather Service said.

Some areas, like Mores Creek, are even seeing a record low for snowpack on Jan. 10.

“We even have some record low snowpacks at this point at some of the SNOTEL sites,” Lindquist said.

The ski industry though is still holding out hope all those snow dances will pay off.

“A lot of winter left and don't lose hope yet as far as getting that snowpack,” Lindquist said.

“Don't pack up the gear yet. We're just getting started,” Cremer said.

“I don't think we're throwing in the towel yet,” Straubhar said.

Bogus Basin tells KTVB this is the first time in 41 years the mountain has opened, closed, and then reopened in the middle of the season.

Brundage says they had a strong holiday break and have been fortunate to remain 100% open all season.

Although, much of the West is seeing a lack of snow, Tamarack tells KTVB their revenue this year is ahead of last year’s. Tamarack General Manager Brad Larsen added the mountain is about 80% open.