Another local face will be making an appearance on national television, showing off their talents.

Recently, the Boise Boys were picked up for a six-episode house-flipping series on HGTV called "Restoring Idaho."

And Sunday night we got word that a local foodie, Mark Anderson, will be getting a new show on the Food Network.

Mark appeared on our News at Four Monday to tell us all about it.

Mark and his friend, Ryan Fey of Los Angeles, competed on Guy Fieri's reality show competition called "Guy's Big Project." And they won!

So now they get their own show on Food Network called "The Grill Dads."

"We found out we won the show,” said Anderson. “They flew us down for a production meeting in L.A. and asked, 'where do you want to go?' And I said we have to go Boise. So, we shot at Boise Fry Company and in the coming episodes you'll see St. Lawrence Gridiron and the Basque Market."

"The Grill Dads" follows Mark and Ryan as they check out wow-worthy foods at little-known hot spots around the country.

You can catch “The Grill Dads” on the Food Network Friday at 7:30 local time.