BOISE - Firefighters from some local agencies made their way back Friday night from Southern California, where they were helping to fight wildfires.

Crews from Parma, Sand Hollow and Emmett are among the local departments that went to California. They were there for just over a couple of weeks, and they spent a lot of time patrolling and managing hot spots, digging fire lines and assisting families that lost their homes.

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"Being able to help other agencies and to the people are in need, especially during the holiday season, we take things for granted so often," Parma firefighter Jared Silva said. "And when the need arises and we know we're going to go it's almost a pride that we can go down, and its a badge of honor that we can help out."

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All the firefighters we spoke with say they're glad they were able to help. And they're also happy to be home just in time for Christmas.