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Local filmmaker remembers Margot Kidder

Boise filmmaker Catrine McGregor was a close friend to the late Superman actress Margot Kidder.

BOISE - Most of us remember the late Margot Kidder as Lois Lane in the Superman movie series starring alongside Christopher Reeve.

But a local woman remembers Kidder as one of her closest friends and former roommate.

"We just really hit it off, we became fast friends right away. The friendship got stronger and stronger and then maybe about a year later, I moved down to LA for a while and I moved in with her, I was her roommate for a couple of years," says Catrine McGregor.

McGregor says in the fickle Hollywood film industry, Kidder was a true friend.

"All these celebrities are stepping forth saying how much they admired her, I guarantee you that none of the names I have seen, none of those people have called her in at least the last 20 years," says McGregor.

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Kidder spent her last years living in Livingston, Montana.

McGregor kept in close touch and says it was there Kidder became heavily involved in political activism.

"Really in the last year with that horrible winter that we had and she spent the whole winter at Standing Rock fighting for Native American issues living in a tent," says McGregor.

Kidder passed away in her sleep, at home on Sunday.

Just several days prior, McGregor recalls a strange conversation the two had over the phone.

"She was saying God is it not weird when you hear yourself saying your age? And I said yeah it does sound weird and she said, when I tell people I am 69 I don't know why but I have got issues with being 69, she said it really bothers me, this year when I turned 69 it really bothered me," says McGregor.

Whether it was a premonition or just a coincidence, McGregor will never know.

But she is certain Kidder will never be forgotten.

"She was just a fabulous person and I am going to miss her terribly," says McGregor.

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