Allegations of sexual assault have flooded both the Hollywood film industry and the political arena recently.

Starting with accusations against movie producer Harvey Weinstein, more and more people have come out publicly to tell their story.

And now that list includes a local casting director in the Treasure Valley.

In 2003, cast, including actor Tom Sizemore, and crew members were finishing production on the film "Born Killers" at a set in Utah.

Boise filmmaker Catrine McGregor was hired to cast an 11-year-old actress and another woman. They would portray Sizemore's deceased family that would be seen in still photos throughout the movie.

"They were just taking pictures of Tom and the little girl, she was kneeling and sitting on the top of her feet so she was elevated a little bit higher and Robin said, the photographer and everyone who was there, said all of a sudden she just got white as a ghost and it looked like she was going to vomit," recalls McGregor.

According to McGregor, and a recently published report from The Hollywood Reporter, Sizemore had touched the girl inappropriately during the shoot.

Sizemore was fired after the actress told her mother and McGregor called the police.

But Sizemore would eventually be rehired to finish the movie.

McGregor says many people have been questioning as to why she is just now choosing to publicly share this information.

"I came out now, I have got seven granddaughters, and it brings me to tears to think of the message that little girl received, that she was less important than any potential career she could have," she says.

"There is a lot of retribution in telling on somebody, and with kids a lot of time what they tell them what's going to happen does happen because they do get taken away from parents, it does break up families, people do lose economic security but it's always at the behest of the offender who made that happen," says Jean Fischer, Special Crimes Unit Chief Deputy for the Ada County Prosecutor's Office.

Fischer has been helping prosecute sex offenders for the past 29 years.

She says many times when one victim comes forward, it gives others the courage to share their story and new information can open an old case.

"Because we can show that someone had the same motive or plan to molest all along, so the person who first reported we can go back and say this is a history we can prove that has been going on for the last 20 years," says Fischer.

Are you, or do you know someone who is a victim of sexual or domestic violence? Local support is available through Faces of Hope Victim Center.