A local farm played home to more than a hundred elk this winter, helping keep the animals fed during the harsh weather.

The large herd made its way onto Peaceful Belly Farm, which sits adjacent to Hidden Springs in the Boise foothills.

Up to 140 elk spent a couple weeks on the farm, eating leftover sweet corn and a big stack of hay.

"Once they found [the hay] they were pretty happy for a couple weeks and were able to sustain themselves during the heaviest part of the winter,” said Clay Erskine, the farm’s co-owner. “It wasn't the greatest thing for us to lose all that hay, but I was super happy and I felt blessed that I could help them survive the worst of that winter.”

The farm's owners say the area is critical over-wintering range for elk and it provides protection for the animals when heavy snow falls in the hills.

Peaceful Belly Farm provides certified organic vegetables at the Boise Farmers Market, the Boise Co-op and local restaurants.