In the wake of the deadly church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, KTVB wanted to know what local churches are doing to make sure their congregations stay safe.

Cathedral of the Rockies in downtown Boise recently just held its second Safe Church Summit.

“It’s very important to put people that have been trained and prepared in front of the right situation and that requires, work, work churches never thought they had to do,” says Joe Prin, the facilities manager at Cathedral of the Rockies.

At the past two church safety summits the cathedral has hosted, planning for an active shooter is part of the workshop.

“We just have to be aware, I think the days of people always thinking people are always out there doing things, we can do a lot of this ourselves,” says Prin

But because churches serve as a place of privacy, refuge and confidentiality, Prin says putting in security measures that don't disrupt the purpose why people are there can be a challenge.

He believes the best way to go about protecting the congregation is to implement a church safety team.

It’s a group of individuals that are trained on what to look for, notice if something is out of place and to act instead of react.

That way the rest of church goers can worship in peace.

“That's the job of your safety ministry team, is to put into place the proper people at the proper time at the proper location so that if something starts to happen or is happening, whether it’s a medical emergency, those people are trained to act and to respond properly so the rest of the church doesn't have to do that,” says Prin.

For privacy and security reasons Prin couldn't go into detail about specific strategies the team implements but they always remain aware at all church functions.