BOISE -- We have followed the road that local cancer survivor and activist Trevor Schaefer has taken for nearly 15 years.

From his brain cancer journey as a young boy growing up on Payette Lake in McCall, to his tireless fight at the state and nation's capitols to pass environmental legislation.

In the summer of 2016, Trevor's Law passed both houses in congress and was signed into law by President Barack Obama. That legislation mandates federal assistance to communities who are experiencing contamination due to environmental issues.

Now, a screenplay based on the book that chronicles his journey is in the works, and an acclaimed Hollywood producer, Bonnie Bruckheimer, has signed onto the project to produce the film.

Bonnie is in Boise this weekend for the Boise Film Festival and described her expertise on Friday. She says she has her name on films like "Beaches" and "Hocus Pocus."

Trevor says he is grateful Bonnie is giving him the opportunity to take his story global.

"Bonnie is really great. We've been very fortunate to have known her and become friends over a period of years and to have her believe in the story for, since 2008 before the law was really even in its infancy," said Trevor.

Bonnie says that spending time in Boise has helped solidify in her mind, that the movie is the right project at the right time.