GARDEN VALLEY - A local retired history teacher says she discovered she had a story to tell about our Greatest Generation. Specifically, her in-laws. She has written two books about the couple's legacy.

When you walk into the Garden Valley Library you'll see a display highlighting the lives of Mont "Chum" Chumbley and Helen Thompson. Gail Chumbley says their stories had to be told. She's married to the couple's son, Chad.

"I don't think they kept all of these to have it all thrown away," said Chumbley. "I think they kept it because they knew it was important. It's almost like fate brought it to this history teacher."

For six years she collected information about their lives and put them in these books, named after the place they met. Rio de Janeiro, or River of January.

They would lead a life of glamour and honor. Chumbley says it was an honor to write the books and says it was also part of her duty as a retired history teacher.

"It is the Greatest Generation that I think younger people need to be inspired by," said Chumbley. "If we don't we have really failed our kids."

If you're interested in learning more about the books head here. The display at the Garden Valley Library will be up for another couple of weeks.