MERIDIAN -- On Jan. 22, the Ada County Sheriff's Office emailed an officer safety bulletin to hundreds of law enforcement personnel in Idaho. It advised officers of a potentially hazardous situation surrounding Adams County Deputy Brian Wood.

Wood is one of two deputies that was involved in the shooting death of Council rancher Jack Yantis back on Nov. 1, 2015.

This bulletin, like all officer safety bulletins, was labeled "sensitive."

“Every officer or law enforcement employee who gets them is instructed that they are not public records and are prohibited from any kind of public release," said Patrick Orr, a spokesperson for the Ada County Sheriff’s Office.

KTVB inquired about a potential bulletin regarding Brian Wood back in January, the day it was sent. At that time, the sheriff's office told KTVB that there was no investigation into Wood. That remains the case today.

However, now four months later, that bulletin and the sensitive information it contains, has been leaked online. It lists personal information including addresses and phone numbers for Wood and his family members. It also speculates Wood's perceived state of mind.

On Dec. 7, 2015, six weeks before the bulletin was sent, Wood posted on his Facebook page saying, "The last five weeks have been the most trying of my life."

Because the document is not public record, KTVB has chosen not to share the bulk of its contents.

However, a copy of the bulletin is quickly making the rounds on social media, reigniting a flame under one of the most talked about investigations in Idaho.

Questions to Meridian Police, Idaho State Police and the Adams County Sheriff’s Office about the leak were all deferred to the Ada County Sheriff's Office.

“There are hundreds of people who had access to this document outside the Ada County Sheriff's Office,” said Orr. “ That makes any formal external investigation impractical and exceedingly cumbersome.”

The sheriff's office said there is no threat to the public at this time.