A bill that passed the Idaho House Transportation Committee Friday is raising a lot of questions about who is responsible for snow removal.

The bill is sponsored by the Idaho Association of Highway Districts.

Currently, highway districts are required to maintain city streets, curbs and gutters. The law was broadened in 2013 to include snow removal.

This bill would do away with the 2013 revision and the Ada County Highway District is supporting the measure because they say it only has to do with sidewalks.

Boise Rep. John Gannon argues that the way the bill was presented in committee today could be interpreted as ACHD would no longer have to remove snow from roads.

“The City of Boise and Ada County Highway District need to get together and focus in on what the people of our area need. That means they need to meet, they need to hash this out, get guidelines in place, the same for Meridian,” said Gannon.

The bill has been amended to say highway districts may still be responsible for snow removal from streets.

It has also been amended to put the responsibility of clearing sidewalks and alleyways on cities.

The measure now heads to the full House for a vote.