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Local leader represents Idaho at the Tony Awards

The 75th Annual Tony Awards had a piece of Idaho make a mark on who gets awarded. A local leader represented the state by being the only Tony Award voter from Idaho.

BOISE, Idaho — The Tony Awards is a time where big stars from stage and screen come together to honor the different categories like best musical, best actor, best actress, best play, and the list goes on.

Before the big night happens, many professionals from all over the country gather to vote, but what makes this so special for Idaho is the Morrison Center’s Executive Director, Laura Kendall. She is the only Idaho voter making decisions on who takes the prize that night.

“It's such an honor to be invited to be a Tony voter. I take it very seriously. My background is in theater, so I want to make sure that I'm really looking at everything,” said Kendall.

Not only is Kendall representing the gem state, she’s also making history as the first Morrison Center member to be invited to be a Tony voter.

Morrison Center’s Associate Director or Marketing Alana Lynn says, "I was really excited that Laura became a Tony voter because it feels like she has a say and she does have a say in what is going to rise and be the best of the best."

For voters like Kendall, she says it’s months of watching and judging different shows.

"I travel to New York city about once a month and see as many shows as I can. Invitations come to my inbox from the producer that are saying 'hey Tony voters' this show is open you can come and see it on these nights,” said Kendall.

Kendall says having local representation will also help bring more shows to the Morrison center for the community to enjoy.

"The folks here want to see amazing touring Broadway work so it's great for me to get a chance to go to talk to producers and tell them about Boise and Idaho and what a great community it is here,” said Kendall.

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