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Keepin' It Local: Viva Fitness Hub seeks to buck the old workout routine

This Boise gym offers low-impact, high-energy exercise classes.

BOISE — How many times have you gone to your local gym, or maybe even your own living room, and done the same exercises over and over again? Sometimes, that routine can get boring!

Callie Williams knows your pain and says that’s why she started VIVA Fitness Hub, where she uses mini trampolines, light dumbbells, and other equipment that you may not typically see in your standard gym.

One of the best parts about VIVA Fitness Hub is that you don’t have to be in tip-top shape to bounce or do barre exercises. This makes it easy for people of any age and any ability. As long as you’re ready for a completely new and exciting way to work out and get a good sweat, then you’re good to go!

Another benefit of bouncing is that if you have knee or joint problems (like I do), this is low impact work that you’re doing so your body won’t be in as much pain as if you ran mountain trails for an hour instead.

I had the chance to swing by a class after our Keepin’ It Local shoot, and the energy was amazing! The music is bumpin’ and the lights are low, so it creates a really fun, upbeat vibe that makes you forget that you’re working out.

VIVA Fitness Hub is one of those gyms you really have to see for yourself! It is located at 6053 Corporal Lane in Boise. There's a link to its website near the top of this story. You can also find VIVA Fitness Hub on Facebook.