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Keepin' It Local: Feed My Fit

The Meridian-based meal planning and delivery service aims to solve the dilemma of convenience vs. health when you're short on time but long on hunger.

MERIDIAN - Sometimes our daily lives get so hectic that we start to put nutrition last. I know I'm guilty of grocery shopping, then getting tied up in my day, and I end up at McDonald's because it faster and easier at the time. If you're like me, I found something to help us out!

It's a meal service plan called Feed My Fit. They deliver healthy meals right to your door so it's very convenient. The best part is you don't really realize you're eating healthy food. On each container it tells you what entree you're getting as well as the calorie, protein, and fat counts. Owner Baron Hollowell says with his system, all you have to do to lose weight is to eat.

I like this meal plan service because it takes the guesswork out of eating. You don't have to plan a grocery store run and you don't have to take a day out of the week to cook all your meals.

Another aspect I like is that there is a lot of variety in meals so you don't get tired of anything which is a problem I personally ran into when I tried to mean plan by myself.

Hollowell says some of his popular meals are his turkey chili and Montreal steak with a baked sweet potato.

The Feed My Fit retail location is 993 South Progress Avenue in Meridian. Here, you can stop in and buy individual meals as well as set up your plan.