BOISE — With fall in its full, leafy glory, chances are you're putting that cart you received if you opted into Boise's new curbside composting program to good use.

But along with that comes the potential for unwanted smells emanating from your composting bin.

To avoid that problem, the City of Boise is offering some tips to keep your cart clean and stink-free.

First off, you don't have to wait until it's full to set your cart out for collection. Regular collection will make sure that the stuff you put in there gets where it needs to go before it starts to go rank.

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Also, your cart will stay cleaner if you line it with newspaper, or a piece of cardboard. That'll help keep the cart's contents from sticking to the bottom.

The city also recommends that you keep your cart in a cool, dry place - out of direct sunlight.

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Another great tip: Take your kitchen scraps and place them in layers between grass, leaves or other garden materials. And those scraps? Put them in paper bags first.

And finally, don't dump the dirty water from your cart into a storm drain if decide to clean it out or rinse it. Empty it onto your lawn instead.