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Kandi Hall's attorney withdraws during sentencing hearing

Kandi Hall's attorney withdraws during sentencing hearing

BOISE -- A woman who prosecutors say is the only witness to a Meridian murder was scheduled to be sentenced today in an unrelated case.

That sentencing didn't happen because Kandi Hall's attorney withdrew from the case, citing that he couldn't impartially or objectively represent her anymore.

He mentioned that Hall has failed to get a state-licensed mental health evaluation as ordered by the court.

In April, Hall pleaded guilty to grand theft as part of a plea agreement.

Hall is accused of stealing $35,000 from her former employer, Martens Law Office in Boise. Police say she diverted money from the law firm's clients into her personal accounts during a six-month period.

The judge ordered a public defender to handle this case. Hall is due back in court on Aug. 10.

In March 2011, Kandi Hall witnessed a shooting at Walgreens in Meridian. Her husband, Rob Hall, is accused of shooting attorney Emmett Corrigan in the store's parking lot. Rob Hall reportedly confronted Corrigan after learning he left the drug store with his wife. Kandi Hall worked for Corrigan at the time of the shooting.

Rob Hall is scheduled to stand trial for first-degree murder in October.

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