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Kandi Hall details her relationship with attorney who was killed

Kandi Hall details her relationship with attorney who was killed

BOISE -- The wife of a Meridian man on trial for murder took the stand Thursday in Ada County Court.

Kandi Hall has been married to Rob Hall for 19 years. Rob Hall is accused of murdering the man his wife was having an affair with.

Prosecutors claim Rob Hall waited for that man, Emmett Corrigan, in a Meridian Walgreens parking lot, and then shot him in the forehead and heart in March of 2011.

Hall was the only eyewitness to the crime, and she was in a relationship with both the suspect and the victim at the time.

On the witness stand,Hall admitted she's invested in the outcome of this case, and that she's still committed to her marriage to Rob Hall. That being said, prosecutors have been allowed to treat her as a hostile witness by using different types of questions than normally allowed.

Kandi Hall paints a very different picture from prosecutors of what happened in that parking lot last year. She says when the three met outside Walgreens, Corrigan was the one angry. She says Hall wasn't threatening -- but just taking things in -- finally seeing and believing his wife was having an affair.

I didn't say anything, said Kandi Hall. I was pretty much caught at that point. I'm caught. What am I going to say? I wasn't going to leave my husband, but I didn't want to lose my job and I didn't want to lose being with Emmett.

Kandi Hall says Rob Hall eventually made a comment that angered Corrigan. Then Corrigan shoved Hall in the chest. After that, she says she turned around, and didn't see the shooting that followed -- she only heard it.

I turned around, well, I just turned just to see in my peripheral, said Kandi Hall. Just had to go like this, and I look over and Rob's got blood just coming down his face. And I turned around, ran over, he collapsed, the gun fell right in front of him.

During testimony Thursday, Kandi Hall also confirmed some other things like she and Corrigan had two sexual encounters that day -- one in Corrigan's truck just before the shooting.

She also admits she went to an attorney with Corrigan that day to discuss divorce. She maintains she was not going to leave her husband. We're expecting her back on the stand Friday morning.

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