When foster kids turn 18 some of them feel like they have nowhere to go. In the last fiscal year, 62 of them "aged out" of the system in Idaho. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has an independent living program to help with the transition out of foster care, but there's a push for more options.

"Foster care is great and serves a good purpose, but what's that in-between? What's the after? That's where Judah's House comes in," said Florrie "Flo" Coleman, who is the executive director of the new nonprofit.

Coleman founded Judah's House, a ministry of Jubilee International Ministries, with Yvonne Anderson-Thomas.

"We want to start out with a house for girls and eventually have a house for boys as well," said Anderson-Thomas.

Their vision is to build up skills for success.

"We want to do job training skills, GED if they didn't' graduate," said Anderson-Thomas.

Judah's House will also focus on self-confidence, hygiene, budgeting and making plans for the future.

"Our goal is to go through the curriculum and make sure when we're teaching them the life skills by the time they get to the 21 age they'll be ready to move out into their own apartment," said Anderson-Thomas.

Anderson-Thomas and Coleman have a history of helping people including running a certified family home (Anderson-Thomas) to a ministry (Coleman). They're passionate about this next chapter in their lives.

"When you just take time with young people and you listen to them you find out everybody wants the same thing," said Coleman. "I want to be loved. I want to feel like I'm important and that I can do something and I can make something out of my life."

Judah's House aims to be the positive track for those positive thoughts.

"We're stepping out on faith and just believing that God is going to help us with it," said Anderson-Thomas. "We just see a need and we want to fill it."

The hope is to have Judah's House open by early 2018. They're still searching for the perfect property for the nonprofit. If you would like to learn more about Judah's House click here. You can also make a donation to the 501(c)(3) by clicking here.