CASCADE, Idaho — For more than 30 years, anglers of all ages have relied on Tackle Tom's in Cascade for all their fishing needs.

And that won't change as new owners take over the iconic shop along Highway 55.

Tom McGlashen, who opened the store back in the late 1980s, recently decided it was time to retire, so he put up a "For Sale" sign out front, and hoped for the best -- someone who would honor the store's long legacy in Cascade.

Now, a new sign is posted outside the shop, welcoming new owners John and Tina Christoffersen.

Longtime customers concerned the change in management can breathe a sign of relief -- the Christoffersens are planning on keeping everything pretty much as is, while also adding some new features like rifle and ammunition sales.

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One thing they want to keep the same is the reliable information that Tom has provided to anglers over the years.

“They actually sent us out to Warm Lake two summers ago and we did really well out there,” said customer Zachary Yohn. "Every time we’ve asked, they’ve always had a good answer for us.”

Fishing advice like that will soon be coming from a different person at Tackle Tom’s.

“Come see me and I’ll tell you the spots just like Tom has,” John Christoffersen said.

An Idaho native, Christoffersen grew up in Caldwell before moving to Kuna to finish out high school. In the late 1980s, he said farewell to Idaho and moved to Sin City.

“I went to Las Vegas in '87 for a 4-year plan, and life happened, got married and had kids, and 34 years later I get to come home and I’m so happy,” he said.

Despite calling Las Vegas home for decades, Christoffersen's heart was in Idaho. He vacationed in Cascade every summer, and stopped into Tackle Tom’s like many others. In fact, it was on his trip this year he saw the “For Sale” sign out front.

“I was talking to my son, and I said if this place ever comes up for sale; I’m going to do it,” he said. “I see Tom out there adjusting his sign and I said 'Tom we need to talk.'”

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The official sale went through on August 5.

“It’s an honor to be up here and taking up Tom’s legacy and keeping it going,” Christoffersen said.

McGlashen was nervous about who would end up getting this shop. He told KTVB he didn’t have much control on who the person was on the other side of the transaction.

“That was kind of the fear going into a little bit,” he said.

That fear didn't last long.

“They’re just so personable, they make those instant connections with people,“ Tom said. “So, we’re just tickled to death with them.”

Tackle Toms new owners sign
The reader board on the Tackle Tom's sign welcomes the store's new owners.

The name “Tackle Tom’s” isn’t going anywhere. Christoffersen told KTVB he doesn’t want to destroy a legacy or feel the wrath from the locals.

“No, no, no, no I think they would string me up if I did that, he’s a legend up here so we’ll have to keep [the name],” he said.

Meanwhile, McGlashen will be going fishing himself for a change and exploring the state. There is one thing he’ll miss about running the store.

“All the fish people bring to me," he said. "So, anybody that is out there and has an interest in keeping me supplied with fish, we’re all about that."

After working with the community for generations, it’s been Tom’s swan song since he first put the for sale sign up earlier this year.

“We’ve had some selfies and we’ve had some hugs and we’ve had a lot of handshaking going on,” he said. “Folks have been so gracious about it. It’s a little emotional.”

Another addition to the store is going to be a market that sells fruits and vegetables, as well as a BBQ food truck. Christoffersen has owned his own BBQ company for the last three decades, and he wanted to make that a part of his new business.