The Idaho Transportation Department allocated more than $100 million to the expansion of the Interstate 84 corridor from Nampa to Caldwell.

There isn't a set plan or project for how that money will be used just yet because there's a chance a federal grant will match that.

“We're also going to use this money to leverage a potential federal grant,” said Vincent Trimboli, communications manager for ITD. “We're applying for a $150 million grant and $90 million of that would be federal funds."

The plan now is to wait and see if they do get that grant. When a decision is made, ITD will have a better idea of how much money they have to work with for potential new projects.

Meanwhile, other funding has allowed ITD to start the I-84 expansion.

"There is one project slated that's to go from Franklin to Karcher and that's $150 million and they've already allocated GARVEE bonding to pay for that," Trimboli said.

The hope is to relieve the congestion. The number one reason, Trimboli said, is safety.

The reason they believe the congestion is so heavy is the growth the valley continues to see.

Rep. Christy Perry, R-Nampa, said it's important to make sure the roads keep up with that growth.

"I do think people forget that we need that not only for our daily commute, but it's also to grow that economy and to help our business goods through," she said.