An Idaho State Police trooper has received a special honor for saving a life with a can of soda.

Trooper Steven Farley was presented with the ISP Life Saving Award Thursday afternoon.

Back in April, he was called to a car crash on Interstate 84 near Nampa where a car was still moving slowly, rubbing up against a concrete barrier before coming to a stop.

The driver was slumped over the steering wheel.

After troopers broke a side window to get into the car, Trooper Farley recognized that the driver was having a diabetic episode. That's when he retrieved a can of soda from his patrol car and got the driver to drink it.

"My dad is a Type 1 diabetic. I've seen these types of symptoms before and had to deal with these situations before when he's had low blood sugar. And so I did have a little bit of experience with that," said Farley.

The sugar from the soda helped the driver regain consciousness before medical help arrived.

Following the crash, a local doctor confirmed that Farley's actions might very well have saved the driver.

His fellow officers nominated him for the life saving award.

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