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'Women Life Freedom' movement holds demonstration in downtown Boise to remember Iranian women and Bloody November

Protestors in Boise aimed to spread awareness of the persecution of women in Iran.

BOISE, Idaho — Protestors marched from Boise City Hall to the State Capitol Building in remembrance of the anniversary of the 2019 Iranian protests.

"Because for the past 43 years - almost 44, the Islamic Republic regime of Iran took away all the political freedom, social freedom, and because of the corrupt nature of the regime, people's economic life has also been impacted drastically," Arvin Farid, one of the event's organizers said.

The anti-Iran government protests, also known as Bloody November, started on Nov. 15, 2019. 

"They oppressed the entire protest, and in a couple of days they killed over 1500 people," Farid said.

The demonstrators, part of the "Women Life Freedom" movement, also took to the streets to raise awareness for recent protests in Iran, which were sparked by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in September. 

"The level of brutality is just unheard of," Farid said. "And when teenage girls and boys in the streets of Iran are sacrificing their livelihood and lives - voicelessly. How can we go about our daily lives and not be their voice? That's why we're here."

At least 378 people, including 47 children, have been killed in the ongoing nationwide protests, according to Norway-based nonprofit Iran Human Rights.

Similar protests have been taking place across the globe. Organizers say they are looking to spread awareness of what is happening in Iran.

"Because if the government is trying to shut the internet down, shoot bystanders or scare them off into their houses, that means they don't want the word to get out," Farid said. "So we've got to get the word out. They're trying to silence the people's voice, so we've got to be their voice. And when these clips from our protest get back to the people of Iran, it gives them more motivation and energy."

There is a second purpose to the demonstrations:

"We got to let the world know how brutal this regime is, they're not the legitimate representative of the people of Iran anymore, they haven't been," Farid said. "But now, after you start killing children, everybody should know that they're not a government, they're pretty much like a foreign invader. Even though they may be from Iran...they're like invaders who would do anything to stay in power."

The United Nations' Human Rights Council is set to hold a special session on the Islamic Republic Republic of Iran on Nov. 24. 

"The people of Iran have come to the point that for 43 years, they try to push for reform, then they realize there is no point for reform, this regime doesn't want to go through any reform," Farid said. "It's just the nature; is what it is. They have taken their mask off."

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