EAGLE, Idaho — The Treasure Valley began drying out on Thursday, but more rain is expected to shower the area through the Memorial Day weekend, and that has the volunteers at Eagle Park BMX concerned. 

Some folks have been riding in the mud there and it's ruining the track. 

“This has been an ongoing problem for a long time,” said Alden Miller, a rider and volunteer at the park.

Park volunteers have been turning people away, after someone recently rode on the muddy track, causing damage.

“When somebody drives or rides on this track when it's muddy, it creates big divots and ruts into the track,” Danny Adair, Eagle Park BMX development director said. 

Those divots are a problem because in BMX riders are utilizing small tires and high pressures, which can make the track dangerous. Eagle Park BMX volunteers are disappointed because riders have been ignoring posted signs telling them to stay off the track when wet.

“It's frustrating,” Adair said. “We like to say if it leaves a track, turn back.” 

A handful of volunteers are responsible for keeping the track in top shape. This year alone, they say they've already put more than 200 hours into it.

“We want to keep it a safe development and keep it as high caliber as we can,” Adair said.

Once the track dries out, Miller says it will take them about two days to repair it.