BOISE - Monday marks the 72nd anniversary of the end of World War II. It's day celebrated nationwide as Spirit of '45 Day.

On Sunday, veterans and their families visited the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery to reflect, and to honor those who served in the war.

"We will never forget the greatest generation," said Phil Hawkins, volunteer coordinator at the Idaho State Veterans Home. "What they meant to this nation, what they did for us and how they kept us free. So we can continue that legacy to honor them and honor their sacrifices."

The cemetery's director, James Earp, says he hopes Idaho veterans' sacrifices in WWII continue to be honored, and that the Spirit of '45 celebration continues to grow.

"I feel like we have to continue to carry that torch to inspire future generations," Earp said. "Not only did we make an impression on our families here attending today, but its the children they bring and they're grandchildren."