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She called herself God and threatened to kill him: Divorce docs shed light on bizarre final months of Vallow marriage

The estranged husband of the woman at the center of the national search for two missing Idaho children is speaking from beyond the grave.

CHANDLER, Ariz. — The search continues for two missing children in Idaho, but divorce documents in Arizona are revealing more about the woman at the center of the search. 

Divorce documents show Charles Vallow's estranged wife, Lori Vallow/Daybell, allegedly threatened to kill him, and called herself "God."

Five months later, in July 2019, Charles was found shot to death in the Chandler home where Lori Vallow lived. Back in July, Chandler police said Lori's brother shot Charles in self-defense. The case is still under investigation. 

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Lori's children JJ Vallow, 7, and Tylee Ryan, 17, haven't been seen out of Rexburg, Idaho, since September. Police in Idaho have named Lori and her new husband Chad Daybell persons of interest in their disappearance. 

Now divorce documents are shedding light into the bizarre final months of marriage between Lori and Charles Vallow. 

In the documents, filed in February, Charles petitioned for sole custody of JJ, saying he questioned whether Lori was "mentally stable enough to make decisions for herself and the child."

He claims Lori had recently become infatuated and "at times obsessive" about near death experiences and spiritual visions.

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According to the documents, Charles claimed Lori called herself "God" and said she was assigned to help with "Christ's second coming" and that if Charles got in the way "of her mission she would murder him."

In the documents, Charles made several references to Lori threatening him. Including allegedly telling him, "she could and had an angel there to help her dispose of the body."

Charles' sister Kay Woodcock says she talked to her brother throughout this time and describes him as "fearful."

"He was sleeping with one eye open," Woodcock said. "People I've spoken with said she would just be doing something and say 'well Charles just has to go.'" 

Rexburg police in Idaho have said they believe JJ and Tylee's lives are in danger. In a statement police also said, "We know the children are not with Lori and Chad Daybell and we also have information indicating that Lori knows either the location of the children or what has happened to them. Despite having this knowledge, she as refused to work with law enforcement to help us resolve his matter..."

Lori and Chad married just weeks after Chad's wife Tammy, 49, was found dead in her home in October. 

Tammy Daybell's death was attributed to natural causes but in December, authorities exhumed her remains. Investigators now believe her death was under suspicious circumstances. 

Lori and Chad Daybell's attorney issued the following statement: “Chad Daybell was a loving husband and has the support of his children in this matter. Lori Daybell is a devoted mother and resents assertions to the contrary. We look forward to addressing the allegations once they have moved beyond speculation and rumor."

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