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Search for missing boy leads back to reservoir

Scent-tracking dogs led searchers back to Stone Reservoir.
A search dog tries to pick up the scent of 2-year-old DeOrr Kunz.

SALMON, Idaho – It is day five in the search for an Idaho Falls toddler. And now divers are back in the water of a nearby reservoir.

Two-year-old DeOrr Kunz Jr. went missing Friday afternoon when his mother, father and grandfather and his grandfather's friend were all camping on Timber Creek Road near Leadore, Idaho.

We have new information just released today from the Lemhi County Sheriff's Office.

They say scent-tracking dogs led searchers to the banks of Stone Reservoir.

This is the second time divers have searched the reservoir, which is shallow, small and clear.

They have searched all over this vast area, but still no sign of the missing boy.

Meanwhile, DeOrr's parents are also here. His father told us that he is not leaving this area until his boy is found.

The mother, father and the toddler's aunt are all camped out about a mile away from their former campsite to be here in case he is found.

Tanisha Kunz, DeOrr's aunt, spoke on behalf of the parents.

She says at this time they don't want anyone up there because the divers need to be focused on their search efforts.

"We are granting their wishes and staying down here so that those divers can be completely focused on finding that little boy if he is in there, and that is why we are down here and we are doing our part by searching farther down," said Tanisha Kunz.

DeOrr Kunz went missing last Friday. His parents say they thought he was with his grandpa, while the grandpa thought he was with them. They say he was missing for about 10 to 20 minutes.

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Their campsite is about four-tenths of a mile from the reservoir.

In addition to the divers, other search efforts are also underway.

About 150 searchers have combed the area holding hands. And there people out looking on horseback and all-terrain vehicles.

There was an infrared helicopter up in the air today, but the crew did not find any signs of the missing boy.

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