MOSCOW, Idaho - A northern Idaho lawmaker says he and his wife are lucky to be alive after escaping serious injury in a recent vehicle crash.

Republican Rep. Luke Malek of Coeur d'Alene tells The Spokesman-Review that he and his wife were traveling on Highway 95 north of Moscow on Saturday when a hay bale flew off of a trailer traveling ahead of them and landed on the road.

Malek's wife, Tara, was driving and had to swerve to avoid the hay bale. Malek says their pickup truck went into skid, then into a ditch and flipped forward. The truck did a full rotation and landed on driver's side down.

The two suffered bruises and cuts, but no broken bones or internal injuries.

Officials with the Latah County Sheriff's Department say the crash is under investigation, but no citations have been issued. The driver who was pulling the hay bale trailer did stop.