ATHOL, Idaho -- A man in northern Idaho says he doesn't need a license plate for his SUV and he's going to court to prove his point.

His argument will be based on the Bible.

Peter Jensen says he's separate from the laws of the U.S., because the only laws he truly follows are those based on the Ten Commandments God gave to Moses.

Jensen says there is nothing in Mosaic law about needing a license plate.

Within the last couple of years, Jensen says he was ticketed for driving without a license plate, but he refused to pay the fine.

An Idaho Transportation Department employee sent Jensen a letter, saying his driving privileges were revoked.

Jensen sued that worker last week, saying his rights were stolen.

"Their laws are really fiction, so I didn't feel accountable to them," said Jensen. "I have a constitutional right to drive freely without restriction, so I shouldn't have to get a driver's license, vehicle registration, so forth."

Jensen is suing for $5.6 million, saying that amount should get people's attention. And he wants to be paid in gold and silver coins, saying Federal Reserve notes are fiction.

The state worker has not commented on the lawsuit.