It's a video that has gone viral on social media since it was posted on Facebook last Thursday - a mother singing to her dying son, Hayden, in the hospital among their family and friends.

Hayden's father, Jason Chapa, says that doctors told him and his wife, Kami, that Hayden had an incredibly rare disease, but it could be slightly compared to a disease like Microcephaly. The doctors even told them they wanted to write journals to find out if there have been any cases like Hayden's or if they could find similar disabilities.

What started off as what doctors thought was a simple ear infection a couple of weeks ago landed Hayden in the ICU with something much worse. Chapa says he and his wife watched their son's pulse flat line as 20 nurses and doctors tried to revive him.

By the time he had a pulse again, Hayden had been without oxygen for a few minutes, which Chapa says felt like forever.

Hayden passed away on October 27 after the Chapas decided to take out his breathing tube, but they say his passing will not be in vain.

"He was laughing, excited, hyper, fun-loving child, he hardly ever cried," said Chapa. "He would just hysterically laugh more times during the day than I had ever seen any other human being. Even if I had to live this pain that I have right now for another hundred years I would live those three years with him without a doubt."

Chapa says people from all over the country have been following Hayden's story and speaking with other parents who have lost a child has been like therapy.

The Chapas started a GoFundMe account to help pay for funeral costs, but they have already surpassed that amount. So they plan to start an organization called Hayden's Helping Hands to give other families and children the same support they had.