BOISE, Idaho —  Idaho 55 reopened between Banks and Donnelly Tuesday morning.

The stretch had been shut down Monday due to extreme weather that the agency says is too dangerous for plows and crews to work in.

Crews were experiencing blowing winds and drifting snow banks that are reaching up to four feet tall.

Transportation officials said those conditions, combined with low visibility, made it unsafe for both plow operators and the public to drive on.

Forecasts include increasing winds and more snow that may stop crews from working to clear the highway.

"Our foreman is reporting the worst conditions he's seen in nearly a decade," ITD spokesman Jake Melder said in a statement. "Plow operators are seeing drifts four feet deep in the center of the roadway. As we continue the fight to keep the road open, we know we can only push so hard before putting our own crew members at risk."

The stretch of road between Banks and Donnelly was expected to reopen at 6 a.m. Tuesday.

Drivers can check road closures and conditions through the state's traveler advisory service at

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