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Boise teens build tiny bar for squirrels

Jack England and Ryan Bohr says people loved their squirrel picnic tables so much that they also created a place for squirrels to get a drink.
Credit: Idaho Squirrel Picnics
Idaho Squirrel Picnics now makes a bar for squirrels to get a drink.

BOISE, Idaho — Remember the boys of Idaho Squirrel Picnics who created tiny squirrel picnic tables to brighten up people's spirits during the coronavirus outbreak?

Well, they have been hard at work on getting another prototype just right before it could go on sale.

Introducing the squirrel bar!

Sometimes squirrels need to belly up to the bar and unwind too!

It comes complete with two tiny red solo cups.

You can go to Idaho Squirrel Picnics on Facebook to order one.

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