IDAHO CITY — Drivers fueled with adrenaline geared up on Saturday and raced in the woods around Idaho City as the 10th annual Idaho Rally shifted into gear.

This year’s event hit some speed bumps though, after some volunteers didn’t show up and a fire broke out.

“One of the racers, as they were on stage noticed the fire, jumped out and grabbed a bunch of fire extinguishers,” Daniel Rockrohr of Idaho Rally said.

Drivers from around the world raced to Idaho to take part in the national series.

Canada's Ken Stanick was one of those drivers.

“I’'m feeling good, a little fatigued. There was some delays, lots more turns and cornering that I’ve ever had in a stage, so I’m probably the most tired I’ve ever been after a stage,” Stanick said.

Event organizers say, Idaho’s tight and twisty roads make this race not only fun for drivers but spectators.

“We want to see someone come through a corner at a 100 mph, completely sideways, spilling up dust everywhere,” Rockrohr said. “That's cool to me and I’m pretty sure that's cool to everyone else.”

The rally continues from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sunday.