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Boise pastor’s anti-LGBTQ comments go viral

A video on social media of a Boise pastor making anti-LGBTQ remarks during a sermon has gone viral nationally.
Credit: Shield of Faith Baptist Church website

BOISE, Idaho — This article originally appeared in the Boise Weekly and Idaho Press.

A video on social media of a Boise pastor making anti-LGBTQ remarks during a sermon has gone viral nationally.

Pastor Joe Jones of the Shield of Faith Baptist Church said in the sermon, posted to YouTube about four weeks ago, that “sodomites are reptilians.” He also said, “It’s not God’s fault, he told nations how to deal with that. He told the nation that he ruled: Put them to death. Put all queers to death.”

Lindsay, who asked to go by her first name due to violent threats she has received, created a TikTok video from the YouTube post. Her TikTok handle is Socialistlyawkward and her videos have strong political views and have featured local issues such as Boise State University professor Scott Yenor’s anti-feminist comments, Idaho’s abortion laws and state elections.

Her TikTok on Jones had generated 11,000 likes, over 1,100 comments and over 750 shares as of Thursday evening.

The sermon has 2,275 views on YouTube.

“I’m a strong believer that sunlight is the best disinfectant,” she wrote in a message. “Joe Jones felt comfortable enough to say those things to his congregation and post them on (YouTube); the people of Boise and Idaho should be aware of it. They should be aware that a church, in our area, is saying these things about the LGBTQ community. Stories about religious leaders preaching this rhetoric, in other parts of the country, have been making headlines and we should be aware that it is happening in our own backyard, too. As someone with a platform, I feel a responsibility to speak out and spread awareness, in an effort to stop the bigotry and hate in our community.”

Messages left for Jones on the Shield of Faith Baptist Church’s voicemail requesting comment were not immediately returned.

On the Shield of Faith Baptist Church’s website, it states that membership is a privilege and people who don’t adhere to the rules will be removed.

“We believe that sodomy (homosexuality) is a sin and an abomination before God which God punishes with the death penalty,” the website states. “No sodomite (homosexual) will be allowed to attend or join Shield of Faith Baptist Church.”

Other sermons posted on the church’s YouTube channel have titles such as: “Can you turn a Hoe Into a Housewife?” “Soy Boys in Silly Suits,” “The Influence of Gender Blenders,” “The Upscale Female,” “All Good in the Hood” and “Alfalfa Males All Good in the Hood.”

According to a 2014 survey done by the Pew Research Center, Idaho is a predominantly Republican and Christian state. The Human Rights Campaign, an organization that “has become synonymous with the fight for equal rights for LGBTQ+ people,” states that in Idaho the denial of rights to LGBTQ+ have often been at the forefront of the state’s political legislation.

Hate crimes against the LGBTQ community have taken place locally. On June 9, the Boise Police Department issued a press release that over 20 Pride flags were stolen from Harrison Boulevard in Boise. A similar incident occurred last year during Pride Month.

This article originally appeared in the Idaho Press, read more on IdahoPress.com.

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