Five bases across the country were vying for the F-35 mission. One of those bases was Gowen Field, and on Thursday it was announced that Gowen would not be the home to roughly 20 F-35's.

Instead, Gowen Field is a reasonable alternative in addition to a base in Florida and another in Michigan.

"Well we're disappointed obviously," said Mayor Dave Bieter at a press conference on Thursday afternoon.

"Everybody was holding their breath and I'm sure the city was too," said Dan Marler, president of Citizens for a Livable Boise, a group that has been opposed to this plan."We are very pleased with their decision."

It's a decision that's been years in the making and a lot of you have been following it closely every step of the way.

"There had been a lot of emotion on all sides of this thing," said Marler. "A lot of emotion was geared without knowledge on either side. There are good things about F-35's, I would love to see them bring the 35's here, just not where they wanted to put them in."

The F-35's would have replaced the A-10's currently at Gowen Field, which the Air Force has said it plans to retire - but that retirement date keeps getting pushed back.

"The A-10 remains critically important to the nation's defense, we're going to continue to provide that close air support role in the exceptional manner that we always have," said Idaho National Guard spokesman Maj. Chris Borders. "So unless otherwise directed by our leadership that's going to be our focus going forward."

Since the announcement, state leaders have chimed in.

Raul Labrador tweeted: "I was disappointed to learn today that Gowen Field was not selected to be the next operating location for F-35's. Gowen Field was clearly the best choice. I will keep working to ensure that the many strengths of Gowen Field are recognized in future basing decisions."

In a statement from Rep. Mike Simpson, he says, "While I am disappointed that Gowen Field was not selected to base the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, I respect the decision by the Air Force. Although Gowen Field is an exceptional facility, I understand that basing is a fiercely competitive process. I will continue to work with our congressional delegation to ensure that the Idaho Air National Guard has a sustained mission well into the future.”

Since Gowen Field is an alternative, that means that Gowen could still get an F-35 mission if there is a problem with the sites in Alabama and Wisconsin.