Monday marks the unofficial end of summer, and in honor of Labor Day, Boise Central Trades & Labor Council hosted their annual Labor Day picnic.

The event, held at Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park, celebrated the importance of all Idahoans in the work force.

Event organizers say it's great to enjoy the holiday, but important to recognize what it's celebrating.

This annual picnic also serves as the Boise CT & LC's yearly fundraiser.

"This picnic is a way to celebrate workers and for us it's a way to restock our food bank. We collect the food for our food bank today for union members while they are out of work, " said Leland Heinbach, with Boise Central Trades & Labor Council.

Labor Day was first nationally celebrated in the U.S. in 1894. It celebrates the rights the American work force achieved after a hard era in the 1800s for blue collar workers.

Among other things, one of the most notable achievements, Labor Day is credited for creating the 8-hour work day.