BOISE — There are 220,000 people in Idaho who are considered food insecure. Right now the Idaho Foodbank is able to feed 179,000 of them. There is a big push to get to all of those in need and also to get them more nutrition.

"When you're facing tough economic times you start to make compromises," said Karen Vauk, Idaho Foodbank president and CEO.

Vauk says it's important for the food insecure to get proper nutrition. Right now the food bank has a big need for protein. It can come in the form of frozen or canned meat, or other high sources of protein.

The food bank is also on a quest to expand so more people can be reached. The Fresh Approach Capital Campaign has been launched to help in the effort.

Vauk says if you can donate you are urged to do so online. You can also help by volunteering your time.

"You know at the end of your shift you've made a real difference in somebody's life," Vauk said. "They're going to get that food next week and they're going to have a healthy meal because of the work you did here."