Our community will soon have an Idaho history broadcasting museum. The old KFXD building in Nampa was just purchased to house many memories.

The KFXD building on 12th Avenue South has been around since 1937. For it's time KFXD was a state-of-the-art radio station. Right now it houses several small businesses, but that will change in the future.

The History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation was able to raise enough money to take it back and turn it into something that resembles what it was with turntables, switchboards, anchor desks, cameras and film. There will also be a lot of photographs and other memorabilia.

President of the foundation, and former broadcaster, Art Gregory, tells us it will be a place not only to learn about the history of broadcasting in Idaho, but also look ahead to the future and help folks who are interested in the field get hands-on training.

"How to perhaps be a reporter, how to break in to television journalism or how to be a photographer and use the actual equipment you're using, so that when people actually come out of this course and get their certificate or maybe even get college credit, they actually know how to do something that they could put into work right then," said Gregory.

He says there are a lot of aspects of the museum that will not only be educational but fun. The plan is to have a virtual television set where people can feel like they're on an Idaho television set and pretend to be sharing the news, weather or sports of the day with viewers.

The hope is to have the History of Idaho Broadcasting Museum open in a few years. There is still money to be raised to transform the building and get the technology inside. If you're interested in helping with the capital campaign click here.