BOISE, Idaho — An Idaho artist says he’s surprised by the reaction his design for a shirt is getting from the public.

Scott Pentzer is an artist from Lewiston who now works in Meridian.

On the shirt you see the state of Idaho warped into the state of California and it reads “Idafornia.”

For decades Idaho's charm has attracted out-of-staters in droves, particularly Californians.

Pentzer tells us he did not expect such negative reactions.

“They don't get it, they thought it was pro-Idaho California combination which is wasn't,” Pentzer said. “It was meant to be a humorous protest, like social commentary or a political cartoon. This is what's already happening in my opinion and it's going to get more so. It's just what it is. I didn't mean to get everyone upset.”

So we are curious - would you buy this shirt?

KTVB asked its viewers to vote during the News at Four. The results of the poll are in.

72 percent said 'No' they would not buy this shirt.

27 percent said 'Yes' they would buy one.

And just 1 percent responded "I don't know."

Thanks to all who participated.