BLAINE COUNTY -- Freezing weather in Blaine County is raising concerns of flooding for families whose homes lie along East Fork Creek.

The Blaine County Sheriff's Office said Wednesday morning that ice jams are forming in the creek, causing water to spill over the banks and flood neighboring yards.

The creek is completely frozen over in several spots, the sheriff's office says.

The overflow has not yet gotten into any homes, but more than an acre of land is currently covered by ice from the diverted creek water. The ice has reached the foundation of one home, and nearly surrounding several more.

Last winter, much larger ice jams in the Snake River and Weiser River caused widespread flooding and damage. The January 2017 flooding prompted evacuations and even several rescues of residents trapped in their homes.

The Blaine County Sheriff's Office says they will continue to monitor the situation, but are hopeful warmer weather in the coming days will melt the jams.

Authorities are asking residents to report any flooding.