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'I don't want to give up on her': Nampa woman asks for help in finding car that hit her mom

Jennifer Cummings is asking for the public's help in locating the person who injured her mother in a brutal hit-and-run incident that took place on Thursday.

NAMPA, Idaho — A Nampa woman is asking for help in identifying the person responsible for a brutal hit-and-run incident that left her mother severely injured in the hospital.

Jennifer Cummings said her 67-year-old mother, Barbara Alexander, was hit by a car last Thursday in Nampa. The incident has caused indescribable pain.

“She was probably the most selfless woman in her 67 years that I've ever seen or known,” Cummings said.

Police say the crash happened on 11th Avenue South, between 11th and 12th South Streets.

“We were going to Winco, and I said ‘Mom, don't go out on 12th, you'll never get out there,' and I told her to go around on 11th,” Cummings said.

Alexander was driving Cummings to the store to help her pick up groceries for the house. Cummings does not have either of her legs and is legally blind.

“I go through a lot of struggles and she never ever gives up on me,” Cummings said. “She never has and she's been there every struggle that I've gone through.”

Credit: Jennifer Cummings
Barbara Alexander with her three daughters.

While driving down the road, Alexander realized she didn't have her purse, prompting her to pull over to check the back of her car.

“Next thing I know, I feel the impact of her into the car and I tried to get out of the car to see her and she was laying in the street, and she wasn't moving,” Cummings said. “I remember it was so fast, and [the driver] kept going and they didn't stop.”

During the crash, the passenger-side mirror of the car fell off and was later obtained by responding officers. Nampa police say it came from a 2007 Dodge Caliber, either white or silver. Officers say the driver sped off, leaving Barbara with life-threatening injuries. 

She has a lot of bleeding in the brain, her skull is broken, all of her face bones are broken,” Cummings said.

Alexander also suffered a smashed collarbone, pelvis and legs, broken ribs, and a lacerated colon.

“For someone to run her down and run us down like that and leave her in the road like she was nothing,” Cummings said. "She is just the glue that holds us all together."

Now Alexander’s daughter wants answers to who did this to her mom.

Credit: Jennifer Cummings
Barbara Alexander at her grandson's wedding.

“I am begging. I just want to beg people, someone has got to know who drives this car,” Cummings said. “My mom never gave up on anybody ever, and I don't want to give up on her."

If you or anyone you know has further information about this case, call Nampa Police dispatch at 208-465-2257 or officer Amanda Phillips at 208-468-5310.

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