WEISER - It was scene of utter devastation in Weiser on Friday.

Parts of Weiser and low-lying areas in Washington County started flooding overnight after an ice jam blocked the Weiser River from flowing into the Snake River.

Water was pushed over the banks, turning fields and pastures into rivers and lakes.

William Shanahan was stuck in his house for hours, waiting out this historic flood.

"I don't know how much longer I would have made it out there to tell you the truth because it was bad cold," he said.

Around 2 p.m., the Idaho Army National Guard came and helped save Shanahan.

"I heard a helicopter above my house and stuff," he said. Pretty soon these guys in wetsuits are banging telling me to get up and open the door. I said 'I'm so cold I can't do nothing' and they came around to the front door - it was open."

They hoisted him up and into the helicopter and rushed him to the Weiser airport.

There are still several cows out in the corral on his property, and his dog was still inside.

And Shanahan says he doesn't have flood insurance.

"From what I see of it I'm at a total loss," he said.

Another family who lives off Cove Road was rescued early Friday morning.

After James Harvey and his wife got a flash flood alert on their cell phones around 4:30 am, they grabbed their kids and grandkids and rushed outside to leave.

But the water had already taken over their yard.

So they hopped on top of their cars, where emergency crews were able to get to them.

Crews also rescued their five horses, but as of Friday evening, their two dogs were still inside the house and their two goats on the porch.

The last time it flooded this bad was 199, but people who live here say the river does overflow pretty much every winter.

A flood warning is in effect until Saturday afternoon.

U.S. 95, including the Weiser River bridge, is blocked in both directions because of high water. But people can still get to town on Highway 201 and through the Unity Bridge.