Idaho Fish and Game says a Boise hunter is recovering after being attacked by a black bear near Grimes Creek in Boise County Sunday night.

Marvin Jennings, 43, and his uncle from Lynnwood, Wash., were hunting over a bear bait site on Clear Creek when the incident occurred.

It was around dusk when the two men observed a large black bear approaching their bait site. The uncle shot and wounded the bear, which ran away. After a short time Jennings approached and the bear charged him, knocking him to the ground. Jennings and the bear tumbled down a hill.

The bear bit Jennings several times on the left arm and leg before Jennings shot the animal with a handgun.

Jennings was flown by air ambulance to Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise. A hospital spokesman said Monday afternoon that he is in serious condition.

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<p>A Boise hunter shot a black bear after being attacked in Boise County Sunday night.</p>

Clear Creek Fire Department Chief Sam Bonovich told KTVB on Monday that the injured man was one of his firefighters. Bonovich said he was undergoing surgery Monday.

Fish and Game staff interviewed Jennings and his uncle at the hospital. Other staff members conducted interviews near the site and examined the bear. Tooth wear revealed the bear was very old.

Jennings' wife, Jamie, told KTVB Monday evening that her husband had undergone surgery and that it went well.

""He's the bravest man I've ever known," she said.

Jamie Jennings also offered a special thank you to first responders with the Clear Creek Volunteer Fire Department, as well as Boise County law enforcement, for their efforts to help her husband.