Another new development with hundreds of new homes could be coming to Boise.

It’s one of the newest proposals before the Planning and Zoning Commission. Although the proposed subdivision is in its early stages, the plan is for it to be built east of Boise just behind Micron. It’s about 110 acres of land for more than 400 buildable lots for homes.

"We are in a need for housing right now and this is also a place the city would like to see, on the edge of the city, we'd like to see more development in this area," senior planner Todd Tucker said.

Currently the land isn’t part of Boise, it boarders the city, so the developer is applying for annexation from Ada County into Boise.

"We do annexations quite frequently,” Tucker said. “Anytime people want to develop property that's adjacent to city limits the state code requires that they annex into the city limits."

Planning and Zoning must review the application for the annexation and the subdivision and will make a recommendation to the city council on what they would like to see done. The city council must approve this before anything can happen.

There are already four other subdivisions in the same area that have the city council’s approval. These developments are in different stages of completion, but when they’re finished, they will total about 400 homes. This newest proposal will double that, meaning there could be 800 in this area.

"This is the largest project in this East Columbia area that we've seen, but as a city as a whole it's not that unusual. The city was growing quite a bit," Tucker said.