BOISE, Idaho — Treefort Music Fest kicks off Wednesday and this year it's branching out in more ways than one.

On Tuesday, preparations were underway for the 8th annual festival.

This year's festival will feature 440 musical acts, 44 venues and more than 100 vendors. It will also include a Storyfort, Yogafort, Filmfort, Comedyfort, Skatefort. Hackfort, Alefort, Kidsfort and Foodfort. 

“It's just really creative people that basically have awesome ideas that pitch them to the festival and they grow organically,” Storyfort director Christian Winn said.

Prefunk Beer Bar is just one of this year's official venues spread across downtown Boise. Owner Justin Flynn says they’ll have around 44 bands there this year.

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“We're an official venue this year, but we'll also have free shows and music,” Flynn said. 

Along with the bands, Prefunk will also have a food truck and outdoor bar to accommodate guests.

“I get excited to meet new people and see how downtown Boise evolves and it makes everybody get together and celebrate music together and Boise at the same time,” Flynn said.

Tickets for the Treefort Music Fest range from $30-$365, but there are also free events happening at different venues. 

Attendees can pick up their wristbands and tickets at the Treefort headquarters off of Main and 15th streets.

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