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Horseshoe Bend Fire Department confirms fraudulent use of department funds

Horseshoe Bend Fire department announced that a member of the department had been using funds for personal use.


Monday evening, Horseshoe Bend Fire Department (HBFD) put out an announcement on Facebook that a member of the fire department has been using funds for personal use. 

HBFD stated that after discovering the incident, an internal investigation was conducted. 

On April 11, law enforcement was notified with the intent to file criminal charges. Boise County Sherrif’s Office (BCSO) interviewed several members of the fire department, including the individual involved, according to HBFD. 

According to HBFD, the individual admitted to the actions and gave full cooperation. 

The individual has been removed from the fire department and the investigation is still open and pending. 

In response, HBFD stated that the department prides itself “on integrity, honesty, and caring.” 

HBFD continued by saying that the event has shown the department the gaps in their system and they will be implementing checks and balances to ensure funds are protected from future incidents.

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